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Bad Outlets? Need Your Lighting Fixed?

Do your favorite devices need a charge but your outlets don’t work? Stop wondering around for working outlets and get yours fixed. What about your lighting? Tired of arriving home and your outdoor lights don’t turn on?

Don’t worry. The Desert Handyman has you covered. We can repair most electrical problems as well as lighting issues. No job too small. Even if its just changing lights that are hard to reach. We’re happy to help. 

So stop looking for good outlets and wandering around in the dark. Call us today! 480-868-8057

the desert handyman fixing electrical work

Electrical and Lighting Fixture Installation

So you have found the perfect Instagram idea. You’ve placed your Amazon order and its all ready to go. Now its time for install.

Don’t waste a picture perfect display. Have a professional install it for you. Stop wasting money on one time use tools and risk a poor finished product. Call us today for a free quote! 480-868-8057

the desert handyman fixing electrical